White Balance Color Temperature Kelvin Meter

The Optimal App for Measuring Color Temperature

Have you ever experienced that the colors of your photos does not seem to correspond to the colors of the scenes in front of you? Let this app help you get more realistic and better looking photos!

This app measures the color temperature of the lighting so that you can set the appropriate white balance setting on your camera. You can also use the app to measure the Kelvin temperature on LED lamps and other light sources.

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Rating on Google Play


Average rating on Google Play as of October 2022.
(App launched in late October on App Store so no rating on iOS yet.)

Use Cases


Know what white balance setting to use on your camera.

Match your flash lights with the surrounding light.
LED Lightning

Match new LED lights with the color temperature of your existing lighting.
Growing Plants

Measure and get the optimal lightning for growing your plants.

Feature Highlights

Color Temperature in Degrees Kelvin

The current color temperature in degrees Kelvin is continuously updated in real-time.

Recommended White Balance Camera Setting

In the upper left corner you can see the recommended white balance setting to use on your camera.

Green-Magenta (Duv) measurements

A unique feature of this app is that it also measures the green-magenta tint (also known as Duv-measurement).

Live Warnings

In order to measure the color temperature correctly the camera of your device shall be directed towards a white surface, such as a white piece of paper. When the camera is not directed to such a surface the app is automatically detecting this and displaying a message that tells you to direct the camera towards a white surface.


Use the built in calibration for improved measurement accuracy.

Save your measurements

Save your measurements with a single click on the camera preview. It automatically saves date, time, degrees Kelvin before and after calibration, green-magenta tint and recommended camera white balance setting. If you like, you can also add a note to the the saved measurement.

Optional Configuration

There are a number of configuration settings that you can tweak in order to get the most out of the app, such as the time between each measurement (0.2 seconds - 2 seconds) for optimal performance and if the screen shall be kept on when measuring.

Why wait? Get the best Kelvin meter now!

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What our users are saying

The statements above are taken directly from app reviews on Google Play. A few of them are regarding the old simple "classical variant" of the app (called "White Balance Color Temp Meter" on Google Play) while most of them are regarding the the new improved variant of the app.